Alice in Wonderland Cupcake Embroidery Box

This is my first make from the new stash of exciting crafting books and goodies I got for Christmas. This one is from what is potentially my favourite for being so damn cool, from the Wonderland Book of Makes, with each make based on the beautiful stylings of Alice in Wonderland.

I wanted to start off simple and easy, so I chose the cupcake embroidery box to have a go. What’s more, I could make it mostly out of stuff I already had lying about – scraps of  material, card, toy stuffing and felt. The only thing I needed to buy was PVA glue – which I must confess after years of watching Art Attack as a child had always been a little ambition of mine to own a bottle (I was never allowed as a kid, sob) and a pipe cleaner for the stalk of the cherry on top of the cupcake.

The lace around the cake is a scrap from a metre I picked up in a local vintage shop, any type of lace will do though I think – or you could use ribbon or ric rac.

Although it took a little longer than I anticipated, thanks to me going very slowly, this is still something you can easily complete in an afternoon, probably a couple of hours if you’re a bit quicker. This is also the first opportunity I got to use my brand new sewing machine – which I used to stitch up the “icing” on top of the cake, which acts a pincushion, you can easily do this part by hand if you want.

I’m reasonably happy with this attempt, especially as I’m only a little way along in my craft obsession. I’m a little disappointed with how the cherry came out – in the book it was a lot rounder and squashier, but I can always change this at a later date.

So, that’s it, I have a whole bunch of makes I’ve bookmarked, from this book and the others that I receive (I’ll have so much crafted bits and bobs this year that I think everyone I know will be receiving something for their birthday – apologies in advance…) I’m also looking forward to blogging about them soon!

This make is from the Everything Alice: Wonderland Book of Makes.

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2 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland Cupcake Embroidery Box

  1. looks good! why on earth weren’t you allowed PVA glue as a child?

    • hmmm… presumably because of the mess it can make? I don’t remember, all I know is when I used to watch Art Attack and they were making something using PVA my little heart sank because I knew it was yet another one I couldn’t make.

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